St. Jimmy xox (dramarulesme) wrote in postitnoteicons,
St. Jimmy xox

Icon Batch #4

I haven't posted in a few days, so here's a handful of icons. I've been learning a lot of new things, and I recently downloaded a lot of brushes, so I've been expiramenting. There's several different versions of different icons, and yep. A few *gasp* TEXTLESS icons. Yes, yes. I'm making textless icons now. How scary..

001. Final Fantasy VII [AC]
001. Final Fantasy VIII
002. Textless
003. Random Text
+001. Johnny Depp
008. Total icons

001. 002. 003.
004. 005. 006.
007. 008. 000.
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I'm completely and absolutely and utterly in love with 007, but I have a rather stupid question. It'll only let me save it as ART ot Bitmap, but LJ will only let me upload it as PNG, GIF or JPG. Help? :(
Aw. I feel special. Hehe. Well, try saving this one then uploading it.

If that doesn't work..try deleting your cookies, then saving it. If that doesn't work, save it as a Bitmap, then open it in MS Paint and save it as a JPEG. Sacrifices a bit of the quality, but at least it'll be usable?

I hope that works, because I've never had that problem.

And, if it does, enjoy! =)