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St. Jimmy xox

No icons this time..

Alright, things have been slow around here. A lot of things have been going on, and I've pretty much neglected this place. So, starting this weekend, some changes are going to be made.

#1. While things in my life have been pretty hectic, I've found time to be online. Therefore, I'm going to try and update daily. For the next few days, it'll be old icons from icontests, because my mind is sort of too detached to bring myself to make icons. But, this weekend, I'm going to make an extra batch.

#2. Photobucket is being weird for me for some reason, so I'm working on getting a new one set up. Hopefully, within a day or two, things'll be back to normal image-wise around here, but if things look weird, that's why.

#3. I pretty much have things organized the way I want them, but I'm going to go through this weekend and really get it completely organized, so that I won't have to mess with it anymore fore a while.

#4. I've been pretty un-inspired lately, so, this one is more on you. I want suggestions. Not flat out requests, but suggestions for things you'd like to see more of around here. Like, "more Final Fantasy icons" or something. ALSO. If you are a graphics maker yourself, I'm going to ask of you to point me in the direction of any journals/communities/websites with free brushes, gradients, textures, etc. etc.

#5. If you're an iconist and you're into Final Fantasy, join ff_eye_candy! It's a great Final Fantasy based icontest, owned and maintained by anarchys_savior. I'm co-mod there. We've got a lot of talented iconists, and we could really use the participation.<3

And..that's pretty much it!
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I have the hardest time finding brushes too. XD

Hey, I've got a question/request. Feel absolutely free to say no. Would you mind if I joined your icon journal and posted my icons/gave me posting access here? I'm too lazy/uncreative/stretched for time to make my own icon journal, but I do have some icons that I make in my spare time that I'd like to post. I've seen a few other icon journals have two or more icon makers that post; I thought it would be cool if we could do that? Well, it's up to you, and it won't bother me if you want this to just be your own thing; I'll completely understand. :)
Of course!! I'll go grant you posting access right now. Uhmm. Yep. ^^ I don't mind it at all. Because you're just that friggen awesome. Haha.<3

I shared a journal..unluckygraphix..with my friend Bryana, but that was before I was really into making icon. And it was also when Photoshop and I didn't get along to well. XD
Cool; thanks! :) I'll try posting up some stuff sometime in the not-so-distant future...(could I be any more vague?)