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Welcome to Post-It Note Icons, the icon journal of the wonderful dramarulesme and the amazing anarchys_savior. We make a variety of icons and graphics.

001. Credit. Please and thank you. No, we won't hunt you down and chop your head off if you don't credit us, but it's a nice thing to do.

002. There is one exception to the above rule. We will hunt you down in the event that you take our icons and claim that they are your own. While we realize icons aren't the most important thing in the world, we did take our time to make these.

003. Alright, one more addition to the above rules. Do not share. If one of your friends likes what they see, direct them to this journal, please. If they have a GreatestJournal or a DeadJournal, just leave me a comment, and we'll most likely okay it for you to use them there. Also, please do not post our icons anywhere. Our icons are posted here, and in the icontest communities that we've joined.

004. Comment. Please try to comment when you take anything, even if it is just one icon. It's easier to keep track of where our graphics end up, and not only that, we can see what things are of interest.

005. NO HOTLINKING. Especially things like headers or friends only banners. They take up room on our Photobuckets, and it takes up more room when you hotlink. If you comply with above rules, then you have no reason to even be hotlinking our icons in the first place. If we find you hotlinking a friends only banner or a header, we will leave you a comment asking you to please remove the link and upload it on to your own server. If you fail to delete it, we will delete the graphic completely from our Photobucket, and unless you saved it, you won't have it at all. If we catch you a third time, you will be banned.

006. No requesting. Simple as that. Now, if you want something small, like an icon we've already made with different text or something, we can probably do that. But no, we won't make you anything else. We have a lives off the computer, and there are other icon makers who will gladly make your custom icons. We're not one of them.

007. Please realize that textless icons are not bases. Thank you.

008. Not exactly required, but preferred. Please remain a member here when you use any of our work. Again, it's easier to keep track of things.

009. Okay, with all those aside...enjoy!

dramarulesme's examples:

anarchys_savior's examples:

If you would like to affiliate with us, drop us a note, and we'll add you.

icon_goddess, ff_eye_candy, xd_inc

anarchys_savior is the mod of the wonderful Final Fantasy based icontest, ff_eye_candy. You should go join! They've got a lot of members, but not very many active ones. They need talented icon makers, and they know you're out there, so go join! They also need people to vote. Because, it isn't much of a contest if no one votes. Join, make, and vote...and you'll earn major brownie points with us.

If you'd like your icontest to be listed here, drop us a comment, and we'll add you along with a few good words about you.

dramarulesme's awards can be found here. anarchys_savior's awards can be found here.